I know it sounds overwhelming, but raising money is super simple (now if I can just raise a million dollars for the Wilmoth family fund…)!

T4T fundraising is a simple easy simpleasy process with real results.  

Follow these simpleasy steps and enjoy real fundraising with real results for real foster kids!

1.  Let me know!  Contact me (Kristina) with your statement of interest.  Once I verify that you are a real person ready to raise real money, we move to step two.

2.  Meet with me (or check your mailbox) to receive your fundraising packet.  This awesome folder will have everything you need:  catalogs, flyers, order forms, specials, and a little somethin’-somethin’ for you, my fundraising master.

3.  Use your connections.  You have more than you know.  Talk to friends, family, and not so friendly family and show them the catalogs full of items they really can’t  live without.  25% of everything you sell goes directly to T4T.  I give you the product credit, you spend it on what you want to purchase. 

Share the T4T blog or Facebook page!  Create a FB event and invite your friends!

4.  Donate the totes.  You can donate the totes in person or I can deliver them to an agency of your choice.  These totes go directly to the investigators that pick up new foster children in their homes.  

5.  Enjoy.  You just earned free stuff, gave to your community, and had fun while doing it.  

You are amazing.


Generation 1 & 2

They are here!  

Generation 1 was delivered yesterday and it is bright, fun, and ready to be tagged and sent out!


Generation 2 arrived this afternoon!  

Look at these prints!  You KNOW a foster kiddo is going to see these colors and know their treasures are safe, secure, and valued inside these totes.

It blesses my heart and makes me warm and fuzzy to think that *I* helped a kiddo in this real and tangible way.  It also rocks my socks off that so many of you have taken the initiative to help!  

Let’s keep this going and growing!  T4T is taking off and this blog is proof.  We have t-shirts on the way and another order (Generation 3) being ordered on Friday!  

Share this blog.  Tell your friends.